1. Ep 47 - If you died tomorrow, what would people say about you? Create a life worth living with Drew and Ben Slater

2. Ep 53 - Six lessons on starting a business in the fitness industry with Lach & Raph

3. Ep 67 - Squats, deadlifts and double days, the simple secrets to Wolverine's physique with trainer Luke Istomin

4. Ep 81 - How to step out of your comfort zone in business and life with Christmas Abbott

5. Ep 85 - How to REALLY make money in the fitness industry with Paul Meldrum


6. Ep 95 - The untold story of the original functional fitness podcast The WodCast Podcast Part 1

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8. Ep 107 - From stealing food and sleeping on couches to a thriving gym with 200 members. The ultimate journey with Ryan Fisher

9. Ep 123 - How to build your fitness brand and the beginnings of CrossFit with Andy Petranek

10. Ep 128 - The incredible underdog story of Life Aid (Fit Aid) Beverage Co. with founder Aaron Hinde

11. Ep 139 - The honest truth about starting your own gym - Raph & Lach on The 321-Go-Project