258 - Jesse Golden, Fighting Chronic Disease With Alternative Health When Western Medicine Fails

This week the boys interview Jesse Golden. Jesse has always been a hug health advocate and growing up was easily one of the most health conscious people she knew. Unfortunately when the crippling disease of Rheumatoid Arthritis struck she was left with very little hope.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jessegolden/?hl=es

Web: https://www.thegoldensecretsoil.com

Show notes

- When I first got diagnosed I did everything my doctor told me to, I was scared, I was terrified (16:25)

- Being a single mom while healing was challenging

- I just wasn't eating right, I didn't know what I was doing. (32:28)

- Social media makes weird practices to be more known and less weird nowadays (33:41)

- I'm not saying I'm an expert. I'm saying this is what worked for, so take what works for you what resonates with you (35:30)

- If you do choose to do western medicine, I highly recommend still incorporating some holistic methods. (40:21)

- Here are something I tale every day, I believe disease starts in the guts, so you better keep them healthy (42:07)

- Yoga is something will help you age properly, stretching is something necessary (45:12)

- Stems Cells are the future (43:24)

- It's really actually hard to be deficient if you eat a variety of fruits and vegetables and grains. (51:46)

- I think the biggest thing that people mess up on is the rotation of food (55:31)

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