259: Jay Ferruggia on Building Self Confidence, Leaving Toxic Friendships & Online Fitness Coaches

This week the boys chat with fellow podcaster, host of Renegade Radio, Jay Ferruggia. Jay is one of the godfathers of garage gyms and in this episode shares stories of how he has witnessed the fitness industry boom.

The main topics covered in this episode is how to leave a toxic environment, how be an online coach and what are timeless training techniques.

Website: http://jasonferruggia.com/

Instagram: @Jayferruggia

Show notes

- Everything sits in your subconscious, what you look at in your phone, the news you listen to (2:42)

- I was introverted, I was shy, I didn't love myself, I didn't have a lot of confidence... I had to go out and solve it (5:26)

- Nobody is going to come knocking out your door to socialize, you have to go out and do it yourself (8:25)

- If you understand business and you're good at training you make 6 figures easily and zero online presence (20:31)

- You can't define success or happiness based on what other people are telling you it should be (21:40)

- It would be horrific to me if I had to live a life where I went to a job every day just for the security and stability (28:46)

- The fact that you're over 40 years old doesn't mean that you can't train hard (37:08)

- Laughter is something you must do every day (45:46)

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