260 - AJ Roberts on How We Become Addicted To Training & How To Stop Sabotaging Our Own Progress

In this episode the boys talk with AJ Roberts, former 308lbs bodyweight All Time Total record holder in Powerlifting. Aj Has squatted over 1200 pounds and gorilla f**ked weights you can't even do the maths on.

After retiring from Powerlifting AJ ventured into Bodybuilding and then CrossFit... each time destroying the rest of his life in order to excel in the gym. On some level we can all relate to AJ's extreme behaviour and in this show we get into how he was able to break this self destructive cycle and live a happier life.

Show notes:

- You have to look at what you're identified to, but that's not necessarily what you are (13:54)

- We beat up ourselves too much, we expect results too fast (21:40)

- You learn something, the result is here, there is a gap. The gap is where the world happens (26:02)

- After I broke the record, and there was a down path for about 6 months (31:14)

- It's like the search of the holy grail. everybody is searching in the external, but the reality is that everything you need is internal (44:31)

- We're not men, women, trans, we're just human, only one bath room, bathroom. (51:41)

- Is what I'm doing, actually, making me happy (01:06:04)

- Meditating is an important part of success (01:09:30)

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