263 - Bret Contreras on The Science of Glute Strength Rd 2

This week the boys welcome back Bret Contreras to shoot the shit over some very important industry topics.

Outside of the glute strengthening and science chat the boys speak to more of the future of the fitness industry. Topics get heated over Physical Therapists vs personal trainers.

Bret’s website: https://bretcontreras.com/
Glute Lab Book - https://glutelabbook.com/

Show notes

- It' very important to work with people. Every exercise some people love it, some people don't and it helps give you perspective (06:08)

- Glutes are not only for aesthetics but there's health benefits, there is injury prevention aspects to it, and then there is the performance benefit (12:05)

- Before anyone ever knew who I was I read body building mags, and I always read body builders columns (18:58)

- I consider myself a sports scientist, I'm not just a personal trainer, I'm not just a train coach

- What's the optimal amount of volume you should do per week per muscle group? (29:41)

- People need labels, they need excuses (45:51)

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