247: Mark Bell, Bodybuilding Vs Powerlifting

If you haven't heard of Mark Bell and his incredible story it's time to get out from under your rock. Mark is the founder and creator of The Sling Shot, a powerlifting accessory product, which completely took off in the ecommerce fitness world.

After dedicating many years of his life to powerlifting Mark has created his business into an upward trajectory of extreme success. His gym super training is free and so are the protein bars on site!

In this episode we dive into lessons from bodybuilding and why it is the most widespread fitness program as well as qualities of great leadership.


- Having shifted from power lifting to body building and back and forth, from a innovation perspective, has anything come about in Marks mind from bodybuilding [01:23]

- When it comes to products, focusing on what's in it for the consumer [09:18]

- Because Marks been the face of the brand, have he ever consider to separate himself from it, and move it to just sling shot. [11:50 ]

-Re investing profits in the company how to handle it [18:50]

- All great leader are first followers, learning to be a leader [25:36]

- What have change in the daily routine, since his training in bodybuilding [41:19]

- Dealing with cravings under strict diets [43:38]

-Communication and being a professional to guide a team [57:10]

- Motivation to keep training, different aspects on power lifting and bodybuilding [1:04:00]

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