252: Chris Bell on Sobriety, Corruption & Happiness

Don't let the title of this episode throw you off. We go deep on this episode about many topics like Chris's documentaries 'Bigger Stronger, Faster', 'Prescription Thugs' and 'Trophy Kids'.

Chris also dives into his sobriety and how he continues to struggle with his pursuit of happiness and healing his body. Multiple joint replacements and an addiction to pain medication is just some of the surface issues we cover and how Chris uses training to keep them at bay.

Chris's instagram - @bigstrongfast
Mind Bullet (USA only) - https://mindbullet.com/


-What is the next PD conversation people are having (3:42)

-I'm selling a product, putting myself out there in an honest way by
selling something I believe in (8:00)

-We should get together into a big group, family, community, to support each other in different areas (12:45)

-What impact has Netflix represented to your movies(18:25)

-Kratom is not a bad thing, there are brands that don't test their products well (21:03)

-The problem with the CBD oil, is that it doesn't do anything, I don't think it works at all as a pain killer (41:02)

- I am just a film maker, but still people come up to me asking for medical advice instead of asking how to focus the lens(45:33)

- People, don't make the same mistakes I made: Own all your own media, Keep all your own media... (47:14)

- Have you reached the point where you feel happy with what you do (50:17)

- I've been wanting to do a Documentary called "Just Say Yes" (1:04:52)

- It's not important to be the strongest guy, It's not important to be the smartest guy (1:09:02)

- "Leaf of faith" came out on Netflix, the distribution company didn't support me at all, and I haven't seen a penny (1:11:53)

- The idea of mind bullet is to get inside your head and launch this ideas out into the world (1:15:24)

- If I could interview somebody today, I would interview Dunald Trump (1:17:08)

- What is something that you do everyday that is essential to your success (1:21:11)

- One of the biggest things I changed in my mind was calories (1:26:44)

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