1. Episode 3 - Jon North talks coffee, weightlifting and philosophy


2. Ep 43 - Ordinary to Extraordinary, how to run 250km, deadlift 240kg and hold down a full time job with Andrew Pap

3. Ep 45 - How to run faster and more easily without running & fix your weak feet with Tim Bransdon


4. Ep 58 - Get big, strong and fast or die tryin' with Luke Summers and Tex Mcquilkin of CrossFit Football

5. Ep 60 - What it takes to win gold in weightlifting with Commonwealth Games Gold medalist Ben Turner


6. Ep 76 - Creating the perfect warm up and debunking mobility myths with Tony Gentilcore

7. Ep 83 - The art of online athletic performance coaching with Kyle Ruth

8. Ep 84 - Mastering the snatch and clean and jerk with Weightlifting PhD Lester Ho

9. Ep 87 - The 5 laws of training to live by with Gym Jones chief executor Rob Macdonald

10. Ep 89 - How to immediately bulletproof your shoulders and get more pull ups with Sean and Jeremy from Performance Care Rx


11. Ep 103 - How to increase your pain threshold and find comfort in suffering with Julien Pineau Part 1

12. Ep 104 - Visualisation for athletic development and competitive success with Julien Pineau - Part 2

13. Ep 108 - Why you can't make progress in your training and what is really holding you back with Training Think Tank coaches Brannen Dorman & Kyle Ruth

14. Ep 109 - Can you build the perfect program? with Europe's master programmer with Jami Tikkanen


15. Ep 121 - Is your training program stalling your progress and what to change with Michael Fitzgerald

16. Ep 126 - Is running the ultimate conditioning tool? How to program and coach the art of running with Nate Helming

17. Ep 127 - Rising from the dead & returning to weightlifting with Jon North Round 2`


18. Ep 138 - The difference between good and great athletes with Max El-Hag of Training Think Tank

19. Ep 143 - The best and worst program for olympic weightlifting - The California Strength story with Dave Spitz

20. Ep 144 - How to get stronger without lifting weights with Mike Guadango

21. Ep 152 - How you can use Functional Bodybuilding to eliminate your weaknesses with Mike Lee