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Our Mission:


Uncovering the truths in fitness & performance.


The Voices


Lachlan Rowston

gym owner, semi-elite athlete & entrepreneur.


Raphael Freedman

almost lawyer, elite athlete & gym owner.


Creators of

The Training Journal.


Achieve your no.1 training goal in 100 days.

Harness the power of daily journaling to improve your focus, positivity and results in your training.

  • 100 days of mindful practice

  • 31 previous podcast guests knowledge

  • premium leather, high quality build

  • $33 000 raised on kickstarter

First time authors, publishers and sellers.

"This journal is the culmination of 3 years of learning, knowledge and dedication" - Lachlan


The Podcast

Monday's show


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Mat Fraser 2016 & 2017 - Fittest Man On Earth.
Views: 50 000
Duration: 45:14

Julien Pineau - Founder of StrongFit

The psychology of success - Dr Demartini

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The After Show


Our wednesday show all about:

  • answering listener training, nutrition and sleep questions

  • reviewing the netflix doco of the week

  • offering advice for training and mindset hurdles we all face


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In The Black


Our friday fitness business show:

  • get our weekly business resource (software, lead gen, Books & more)

  • our weekly business lesson

  • the main business topic of the week where we share our experience and advice as gym owners


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